Orne: Candy and Diego Gendarmes Dogs Decorated

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Two Dogs were amongst the medals given out in Orne, on May 8th

The two German shepherds, 8 years working for Police Dog Gendarmerie brigades of the Orne. This 8th May, they received the bronze medal of national defense.

A May 8th ceremony, which was a bit special this morning in Alençon.  After the speeches and wreaths laying seven medals were presented by Colonel Christophe Urien, patron of the Orne gendarmerie group: five medals were awarded to policemen and two for the dogs.  In this case in Candy and Diego , two German shepherds who have served for 8 years and received the bronze medal of National Defence.

Gendarmes dogs, Candy and Diego decorated on May 8thDiego Plains Thiérache is a dog tracking who during his career, found fifteen people – including twelve living, “including last week in the Sarthe” , says his master, Warrant Officer Depoilly, surveillance and pack intervention (psig) of Mortagne-au-Perche.

Gendarme dogs decorated on May the 8th

Candy Grand Pacot will take her retirement in July. A Drug search dog, “she found several kilograms of drugs and thousand from traffic” explains his master warrant officer Marc Auboiron.


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