Gorges: The lycée Charles-Péguy Evacuated

Local News
The Lycée Charles-Peguy at Gorges, was evacuated after the possibility of an explosion

An incident with a welding torch led this morning to the evacuation of the Lycée Charles-Peguy. Security Perimeter and traffic banned for 2 hours.

As the cultural centre of the lycée Charles Peguy Gorge is under construction, an incident occurred this Wednesday at 8.30am. Two workers who were working with a torch saw it trigger a flashback. Acetylene cylinders were nearby. As it was at the same time of the arrival of the school buses, the potential risk if the cylinders were to ignite, could be great.  Quickly, a security perimeter was determined. “We immediately evacuated the whole building, and prohibits any movement on foot or by car near the school but also in the whole village,” says Claude Cesbron, mayor of the town.  Fortunately, no one was harmed, although the two workers were shocked by this sudden and impressive flame which could have been disastrous.  At 10.30am, everything was back to normal and traffic was reopened.

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