Fuel: The Quotas Imposed by the Prefect not always Respected

Local News
Not all Petrol Stations are following the quotas set by the Loire-Atlantique Prefect

The prefect issued an order limiting the sale of fuel to motorists. Some stations play the game, others take liberties and deliver the full.

Due to the fuel shortage, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique has taken measures this Friday noon limiting the sale of fuel to motorists.  The decree imposes quotas: up to 20 litres per vehicle under 3.5 tonnes and 40 litres per vehicle over 3.5 tonnes.  But it is unevenly respected.

Some stations are not imposing the limits imposed by the prefectural order. “I could put 40 litres in my fuel tank without problem”, showed a motorist in Nantes on Friday night.  In this station, the manager did not impose a limit of fuel sales to users. In another Nantes station, a vigil was commissioned to advise motorists and encourage them to not exceed 20 litres per vehicle. But there are no constraints. Other stations have opted for a system that automatically blocks the user once reached the threshold of 20 litres.

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