Fuel: 350 Tanker Trucks Operate on Tuesday in Ille-et-Vilaine

Local News
350 tanker trucks made fuel deliveries in theIlle-et-Vilaine region

The state deploys to great lengths to reduce queues at petrol pumps. 350 trucks drive on Tuesday afternoon to resupply petrol stations.

The release last Friday of fuel depot of Vern-sur-Seiche, in Ille-et-Vilaine, allowed the State to organize last weekend deliveries of fuel. The effort continues. “This Tuesday, March 24 no fewer than 350 trucks will deliver, by tonight, millions of litres of fuel”, said the prefecture of ille-et-Vilaine.  For the record, 6 million litres of fuel were delivered for Monday alone and 800,000 litres of automotive diesel oil. “


According to the prefecture, “fuel supplies are sufficient in depots and supply is normally done by the ports which are often connected by pipelines and railways”.  The authorities believe that “the situation on fuel availability will stabilize. Nonetheless, there is overconsumption compared to normal, which is causing problems to the fuel volumes usually distributed thus generating difficulties.

“Fuel canisters are still banned”

Reeve recalls that ” the distribution of fuel in portable containers (jerry type) is still prohibited “.  He calls for “the sense of responsibility of everyone for the prevention of panic buying, so that the supplies will not run dry as stocks make a slow return to normal” .

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