VIDEO: #NuitDebout – An ‘orchestra debout’ Play at Place de la République for a ‘Better World’

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The orchestra has electrified the crowds of #nuitdebout standing on place de la Republique and social networks.

The concert, which drew crowds on the Paris market, has also been widely circulated on social networks …

The appeal, launched on Facebook, was immediate:  more than 350 amateur and professional musicians had expressed willingness to come and play on the place de la République, Paris.  On Wednesday night, the acoustic band electrified the crowds attending the nightly #NuitDebout installed there for three weeks, interpreting Symphony No. 9 Antonin Dvorak in front of thousands of people.

Posted by Sebastien Astruch on Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The work of Czech composer, also known as the New World Symphony , was not chosen at random: “We want a new world, just better, in which justice and culture will be the basis of society, we the right and even the duty to stand up. Let us hear in music, “wrote the organizers on the event page .

The concert, which caused torrents of applause, was also widely circulated on the Internet, live on Periscope then on all social networks under the banner #OrchestreDebout order .



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