Toulouse: He was Carrying 5 Kilograms of Cocaine in his Clio …

Local News
Man caught just north of Toulouse carrying 5 kilos of Cocaine in his Renault Clio

A man was stopped Tuesday morning north of Toulouse toll, with 5 kilos of cocaine hidden in his car …

Generally, when this kind of load takes the highway, it is in a larger vehicle.  But the man who was caught on Tuesday morning at the northern toll road at Toulouse, was driving a modest Renault Clio.  So, it difficult to speak of a “go-fast” drug trafficking car, especially as he was driving rather quietly.  The goods on the other hand is rather in the  heavyweight category, five kilograms of cocaine.

The drug was hidden

The driver, a thirty year man, native of Toulouse, was arrested by men of the departmental police backed by a crew from the Anti-Crime brigade.  They had to call a trained sniffer dog to find the drugs which according to the police, said it was carefully concealed.

The drug “mule”, which denies knowledge of its load, was placed in custody.

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