A Horse Violently Crashes into Spectators at Nantes Racecourse

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Horse crashes into spectators at Nantes Racecourse

At the finish of the seventh race of the Nantes program, Sarah Gosse, a horse crossed the outdoor running fence and hit several spectators

“What we can say is we were very lucky. ” Jean-Pierre Vallée-Lambert, president of Nantes Racing Company is still in shock on Tuesday afternoon.  At 3.50pm, a horse jumped the barrier between the course and the public: a very rare accident. ”

A user has captured the scene by filming his TV:


Leaving the track, he crashed into a group of spectators, five people from the same family. The oldest, the most affected, was quickly supported by the medical service on site. “For safety, we sent for checks at the University Hospital of Nantes “ , says Jean-Pierre Vallée-Lambert, which states that two doctors and two ambulances are permanently at the track on race days. The other four people have been checked out for any injuries, but have been able to leave the infirmary, and return home.  

Jockey Kénégan Deniel suffered several bruises and scratches. The horse has died of internal bleeding. 750 people attended Tuesday in this hurdle race for young horses in Nantes.

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