Taxes: The Online Declaration Mandatory for High Earners

Declaration online of earnings will become mandatory for high earners for the taxes

TAXES The statement “all digital” will be mandatory for all taxpayers in 2019 …

Bercy warned. From 2016, the online income declaration for taxes, will gradually become the norm and the paper reporting the exception.

While the season of tax returns for taxes will open on Wednesday , taxpayers with high incomes must first pass exclusively through the internet.

Taxpayers whose income tax reference exceeds 40,000 euros will be the first guinea pigs of this digital-only statement before this obligation extends progressively to all other tranches until 2019.  For the 2017 season, it will be the turn of taxpayers whose taxable income exceeds 28,000 euros.

Longer delays for users

Those who have internet at home or who are not used to, however, have the right to use the paper statement. But in case of non-compliance with the rule for two consecutive years and without specific exemptions, the taxpayer is liable to a fine of 15 euros.

Those online immediately report this year will receive their tax notice, and will not have to wait until summer. They also benefit from more time, the deadlines from 24th May to 7th June according to the department. Nearly 40% of taxpayers have already gone through internet to declare their income in 2015, a source of savings for the Ministry of Finance.

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