Somme: Arrested on a Bus with 650 Grams of Cocaine in the Abdomen

Local News
650 grams of Cocaine was found in the abdomen of the man at a customs check in the Somme

The man was travelling on a bus to Amsterdam …

The trip was shorter than expected. On Wednesday, a 43 year old man was arrested on a bus between Paris and Amsterdam with 650 grams of cocaine in the abdomen.  The discovery was carried out by the customs on Feuillères rest area (Somme) on the A1 motorway.

As reported by Le Courrier Picard , is based on evidence suggesting a drug transport that Customs has carried out this check.

The man had just arrived in France from French Guiana

On Surinamese origin, the man arrested had just arrived by plane in Paris (Orly) after a trip Cayenne (French Guiana). He had swallowed fifty cocaine sacs. In total, 650 grams that were found in his abdomen.

The price per Gram can oscillate between 50 and 75 euros. Delivered to the SRPJ of Amiens, the suspect must be held soon in immediate appearance.


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