Porsche Burned in Nantes: “My son is neither Fascist nor Capitalist”

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The burnt out porsche in Nantes

Benedict was at the Prefecture for the carte grise of another car.  When he comes out, he sees his Porsche on fire. Still in shock, he let his father speak for him.

“My son is 30 years old, is a young executive who works in a big company.  It was his week off work, so he decided to redo the carte grise of another car that day.  There you go. The wrong day at the wrong place. ”

Angry, Manuel, the father of the owner of Porsche, said: ” When he arrived, all was quiet, he did not know that the demonstration was passing by. ” When he comes out of the prefecture, he saw his car on fire, he does not know what to do, what do you say to the owner, there in that situation?  He called his father, panicked, who advised him to go straight to the police to make a complaint.  Benoit bought his Porsche Carrera 4S, three months ago, “costing between 40,000 and 60,000 euros”, and had saved a long time for it.  “This is someone who is passionate, which saved for what he wanted.”

” The prefecture is at fault “

” My son is neither a fascist nor capitalist. His money, he does not steal, he works hard for it.”  Manuel has raised his son to be against those who set fire to the car, but also against the authorities.  “They are to blame for having allowed the citizens to park there and not having the safety” , Manuel adds.  He advises his son to get a lawyer, “It is not possible in a civilized country that this kind of thing happens. But he will not do it today or tomorrow, he is still very shocked.”

Porsche set on fire during the recent demonstrations in NantesSo on Friday morning, Benedict was “not ready” to come to the prefecture to remove the vehicle.  The prefecture had told them that they had to go and move the car or they would it for them and charge them with the removal costs.

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