Saint-Brandan: A Truckload of Beer crashes into Ditch

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Saint-Brandan: A Truckload of Beer crashes into Ditch 1

A truck carrying beer packs suffered an off at Saint Brandan, ripping power lines in its path. The hamlet is without current.

Rude awakening on Monday morning for the inhabitants of the hamlet, , Saint Brandan, near Saint-Brieuc. At 7.50am , a loud noise, and then the lights go out! It’s a semi-trailer ended up in a deep ditch after hitting the shoulder of the road.. In the middle of the road are beers on palettes.  The hedge of one of the inhabitants is ruined.  The truck also took down a pole carrying electricity, resulting in a loss of power for this part of the village. Upon arrival, the police discovered that the truck was loaded with 25 tons of beer packs. The young driver of the company Blueroad (Malestroit), aged just twenty years, had was heading for Ploufragan.

Beers placed on the road at Saint Brandon after accident
Beers placed on the road at Saint Brandon after accident

The Driver was unharmed. ERDF, the electricity company, rushed there to try and isolate the power and do the necessary repairs, but it is impossible to do the repairs until the truck is removed. And to remove the truck, it must first unload its contents. Then, around 11 am this morning, the driver, aided by the police and employees of a Lift company, put the pallets on the road, so that they can be to put onto another truck. Under the eyes of shocked residents and the postman who was making ​​his tour.

An accident-prone road

“Electricity is not expected to return until late this evening,” laments one resident. Repairs should indeed take much of the day. This accident, fortunately without gravity, brings back bad memories for residents. In September 2013, a woman of 83 years had died after being hit by a truck, in exactly the same place, on this country road, on the edge of a forest area. “This is the first line after several turns, people drive fast” explains one resident.

Accident occured at Saint Brandon, in Brittany

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