#NuitDebout: At Republic Square, the “deboutistes” are not Close to Bed

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Protestors continue their protest for another night in Paris

Several hundred peaceful protesters gathered Tuesday evening at place de la République for the sixth #NuitDebout …

“This is not a youth movement. It is a movement of men, women. Citizens. And it has to last a long time, “spits the microphone, a long-term unemployed.  Faced with this 60 year old, the crowd applauds. Tuesday evening, several hundred demonstrators gathered at place de la République in Paris for the sixth consecutive #NuitDebout.

De la manifestation à #NuitDebout, même combat?

This movement which is small across France was started on Thursday, March 31. At the call of the collective convergence of struggles , the protesters were invited to take a “place, a place where we’ll see,” they said. They then fell naturally to the place de la République in the centre of Paris.  With a purpose: to protest against the proposed El Khomri labour law .

Merguez and “social justice”

Over the hours, Tuesday night, the Republic square takes the form of a real village solidarity as its supporters continues to swell. Strollers are parked next to the crèche, the canteen is always full and the hospital takes shape. Militants cross passers-by, curious and confident. They laugh, that exchange. The grilled aromas mingle in some corners with those of poppers. And next to the merguez stand, Annie, 67, looks at people with love.


“I have always shown for social justice. When I heard there was this movement, I decided to come, “says this former researcher. “Since I come every night. It is growing. Everyone speaks “says the woman who followed in 2012 the attempt by some to hold a Indignados movement in France. But according to her, four years later, “there is an awareness”: Work Act, attacks, “Panama Papers” … whatever the trigger. “We have time, but France is ready for a citizens’ movement,” she says. Not far AG continues.


“People want to reconnect with the values ​​of solidarity”

The microphone is passed from hand to hand. On the menu: the fate of the students arrested during the demonstration the same day, the reception of refugees, insecurity and unemployment. Hands shaking in the air to approve certain decisions. Depressed, Angeline comes first discovered the customs. “I came to see, understand,” she smiled. Accustomed student protests, Tristan, 21, wants to “show that we can take action,” he bids.

“I’m intrigued by the extent it takes. We would like this continuous movement, continues. But how ? How far ? I have come to follow, “says Helen, 40, looking for a job. But one thing is certain: “People want to reconnect with the values ​​of solidarity,” she concludes. Laurent, 33, wants him to go further.


“For the moment, the #NuitDebout may not be much. This is a sketch of a possibility of meetings and common actions. It is a citizens’ movement that begs to expand. And according to the those involved, it is starting to spread, with other #NuitDebout taking place in some other cities throughout France.

Next to the base of the statute Marianne, in place de la République,  constituents workshops are taking place. The objective is displayed in colour on a placard: “We write ourselves the next Constitution.”

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