Nantes: A Man Killed Defending a Woman in Nightclub

Local News
A man was stabbed in the nightclub the Fox-Trot, rue Crucy in Nantes.

A man in his thirties was stabbed as he intervened to defend a woman in a nightclub. He died in hospital. The attacker is on the run.

It was about 4.30am in the night from Friday to Saturday when a man attacked a woman in a nightclub.  The altercation broke out in the smoking area of the Fox-Trot, rue Crucy in Nantes.  According to preliminary evidence gathered by investigators, the victim, a man in his thirties had taken the initiative to help a women who was being hassled.  Unfortunately his intervention, was not wanted by the attacker, who then firmly stabbed the victim twice,  one to the chest, the other down on the flank.

The man was immediately transported to hospital in Nantes, the young man died shortly before 7 am this morning. The attacker of the mortal blows is on the run and being sought by police and are appealing for witnesses.

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