Nice: The Yacht on Fire Sank

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The Yacht on Fire at Nice has Sunk

FIRE: The 40 metre yacht, “If Only” that caught fire early Thursday afternoon sank during the night …

The yacht of 40 meters, the “If Only”, which was on fire off from the airport in Nice since early Thursday afternoon, finally sank to 9:50 p.m.. It was located 6 kilometers south of the airport and lies about 650 meters deep.

The firefighters SDIS 06 from the marine fire naval base of Toulon and evaluation team of the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean recovered debris brought to the surface as movable elements or canoes safety. The support ship, ‘Jason’ assisting with the clearance  arrived in the night, around 2:30 am. It continued to collect the largest debris.

This morning, searches for evidence of pollution are implemented, booms and absorbents can recover the fuel that might emerge from the tanks of the boat. Browsers have also been warned of the presence of floating debris on the surface of the water in the area where the yacht sank.

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