Lorient: Two days of spring this week …

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Spring weather is forecast to return to the Lorient region

Phew!  The freshness will fade this week. The spring time arrives …

The anticyclone which has bolstered the British Isles will generate the return of a daytime smoothly.


Clear and cold with frost at dawn before a beautiful morning with rapid rise in temperature. Sun and soft feeling to midday. In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent on Lorient and the coast, made with discrete cumulus good weather north of Kervignac Quéven-axis with a nice sweetness felt in sun.very low is Wind, veering southeast breeze with low effect on the coast in the afternoon. Fort Blocked. Beautiful sea. Low: 1 ° / 2 ° Max: 14 ° / 15 ° (0 ° / 1 ° to 15 ° / 16 ° in the campaign). Clear sky in the evening, 12 ° to 20 pm, 6th at midnight.


Between the British anticyclone and the depression centered north of Corunna, the flow is going to generate a beautiful morning despite purposes of high altitude sails. Nice sweetness and slightly hazy sun at midday. In the afternoon, the sun, despite generous sails high altitude sometimes thicker, composed with some medium altitude cumulus generating a stormy pre impression. Wind is supported (force 4 gusting 30-40 km / h, 50 Groix freshening 5, gusts 40-50 km / h, 65 of Groix, evening). Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Low: 3 ° / 4; High: 15 ° / 16 ° (2 ° / 3 ° to 16 ° / 17 ° in the campaign). Hazy and cloudy in the evening; 13 ° to 20 ° to 10 pm to midnight.

From Wednesday to Thursday

Blocked by the anticyclone, oceanic depression will stagnate over the central Atlantic. Wednesday, cloudy, cloudy with some showers in the morning to midday. In the afternoon, the front undulating on Breton West generates a cloudy stormy sky with wavy appearance, more present in the late afternoon and evening. On Thursday, the rainy front that drains to dawn precedes a cloudy sky and variable in the morning becoming unstable afternoon clouds, on the coast, and cumulus developed north of Lanester generating showers, sometimes stormy.

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