Toulouse: A New Bus Ablaze in Balma, a Union is Sounding the Alarm Bell

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Passengers saw flames coming out of the bus in Toulouse

A network Tisséo bus caught fire in Balma, Saturday. Union calls for investigation into this new fire …

Saturday, the users of the line 20 , which connects to Balma-Gramont Beaupuy, were hot.  When their bus arrived at the terminus of Gramont, at about 12.50pm, they saw flames coming out of the rear of the vehicle, which they immediately reported to the driver, who stopped, allowing seven passengers out the vehicle on fire.

Firefighters responded quickly to extinguish the fire that destroyed half the bus.

Jinxed series

This is not the first time a bus ablaze as well. In February 2015, another car caught fire on the Toulouse ring road.

A disaster which caused the complete destruction of the vehicle.

But, according to the union from the national Federation for drivers (FNCR), there are two other similar claims which are also held on a Tisséo bus during the past year.

Enough to arouse questions. “We place this Sunday a grave and imminent danger alert that must lead within 24 hours of an investigation into the reasons for this fire,” said Benjamin Bordères elected FNCR of the hygiene and Security Committee (HSC) Tisséo .

Questioning of parts used

For the latter, “we avoided the worst, if the bus had been in the city centre it could have been worse because as it is a bus powered by gas when there is a fire, it is like a torch flame.

“If there is a defect on the buses, we must check them all one by one, and not wait until the bus comes into the workshop when it has a problem.  For several months now, to manage cost reductions this seems to be happening including using some questionable parts. Cost reduction must not be at the expense of safety,” says the union.

The investigation should determine the cause of the accident. For the last incident on this type of bus, it was down to a short circuit.

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