Brest: Forty Passengers Stranded at the Airport for Eight Hours

Local News
43 passengers were stranded for eight hours at Brest airport due to a technical problem

43 passengers were stranded for several hours at Brest airport. They were going to Crete.

At 6.35pm, the 43 passengers stranded in Brest Airport, are finally on their way.  They had to scheduled to take off at 10.30am to Heraklion in Crete, via Deauville (Calvados).  During routine checks, a technical problem was detected. However, the mechanical problem “was not within the perimeter of the airport’s skills. The company needed a certified mechanic “, says Loïc Abjean, the airport manager on behalf of Astra Airlines.

” What matters most is security “

“So the airline had to wait for the mechanic to come from Paris. It took time, but what matters most is the safety of passengers”.  The problem was solved and the plane was finally able to take off, eight hours late.

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