The Nantais Yann Chamberlin, Former Guitarist, Died

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The Nantes guitarist Yann Chamberlin has died

He was the guitarist of Squealer, hard rock band from Nantes. Aged 50, the night of Wednesday 13th to Thursday, April 14th, 2016, he died.

Yann Chamberlin, former guitarist of the hard rock band of 80-90 years, Squealer, died in the night of Wednesday 13 to Thursday, April 14.


Yann Chamberlin of the rock band Squeler has died
The hard rock band Squealer Nantes. | DR

A native of Nantes, Yann Chamberlin was just 50 years old and has been ill for some time.  His funeral will be held Monday, April 18 at 9 am at the crematorium  of Saint-Nazaire . A scattering of ashes is planned in the afternoon at 3.30pm at the cemetery park in Nantes.

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