Bordeaux: The Transport Network Features New Colours

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TBM logo on a bus in Bordeaux

The transport network TBC changes name from Monday to become TBM. The new logo will gradually be deployed on all vehicles …

The President of Urban Community of Bordeaux Alain Juppe on Monday unveiled the new name and the new idendity the public transport network . TBC network for Tram and Bus of the Cub, becomes TBM for Transports Bordeaux Metrople.

New name and a new logo has been unveiled in Bordeaux
Alain Juppé, President of Urban Community of Bordeaux, during the inauguration of the new name and the new logo TBM for the transport network of the metropolis, April 18, 2016 in Bordeaux. – Mr. Bosredon

The 19 bus Lines 1+, which connects St. Jean train station at the airport, have already covered the new clothes of TBM. In September of September, commercial agencies, the park and ride, stops and the websites will wear in turn the new colors of TBM.

New logo on transports of BordeauxDeployment of new colours until 2017

Rolling stock side, the 544 network bus display the new logo on their windows to September 1, but it was not until mid-2017 that all bodies are changed, said Christophe Duprat, Vice President of the Metropolis for Transport . The new logo will also be displayed on trams in the summer. However, BatCub and V’Cub keep their names, explained Alain Juppe.

“We hope this new brand is deployed as soon as possible, announced Hervé Lefebvre, CEO of Keolis, to avoid the coexistence of both names and TBC, TBM because cohabitation is often synonymous with confusion. “The logo was created by the Urban Community of Bordeaux of services.

The new logo Transports Bordeaux Metrople, unveiled
The new logo Transports Bordeaux Metrople, unveiled Monday, April 18, 2016. – Mr. Bosredon

Alain Juppe announced that the renovation of the boulevards will be of the same magnitude as the renovation of the docks

Alain Juppe took the opportunity to announce that the new contact less ticketing will be deployed on the network in October. A renovation of part of the fleet of buses will also be engaged. This is the 96 bus Citelis, delivered in 2006. This will increase their lifespan to 20 years.

Finally, the President of Urban Community of Bordeaux said to have received a first study of boulevards processing project in Bordeaux. “This project will be of the same magnitude as that of the renovation of the docks, in the 10-15 years to come” was he pleased.

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