Le Bon Coin: Tickets for Disneyland Paris were False

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Man arrested after selling false Disneyland Paris tickets on Le Bon Coin

A man from Normandy helped the police to arrest the man who had conned …

A resident of Sotteville-lès-Rouen (Seine-Maritime) purchased on Le Bon Coin, the popular buying and selling website in france,  tickets for Disneyland Paris that are proven to be false.  The deception was uncovered when the buyer, contacted the amusement park to request information about their stay, when they realised that the tickets were false and they had been conned.  Very upset at having been scammed, he contacted police.

He fixed an appointment with the police

After searching Le Bon Coin looking for ads offering similar tickets sold by the same user of the site, the victim made an appointment to purchase some tickets. But the buyer was this time accompanied by plain clothes police who at the time of the transaction, have arrested the forger of 18, told  France 3 .

Caught in possession and charged with the offence of selling fake tickets to Disneyland Paris, the young man from Rouen was taken to the police station of the city, which has also opened an investigation into this matter.

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