Tarn-et-Garonne: Drone spotted over Golfech Nuclear Plant

Local News
A drone has been spotted over the Golfech Nuclear Power Plant in the Tarn-et-Garonne

NPP Golfech was overflown by a drone Wednesday night. An investigation …

Rebelote. The Golfech nuclear power plant , located in the Tarn-et-Garonne at a hundred kilometers north of Toulouse, has been overflown by a drone Wednesday night. According to a judicial source, the craft was spotted at 9.15pm Wednesday, 23rd March above the site.

An investigation was immediately opened and entrusted to the air transport police (GTA).

Two previous

Two more flybys over the plant by a drone had also been reported, one on the 30th October 2014, the other on the 12th November, 2015, although in both cases it has been unsure who had been controlling the drones.

NPP Golfech was commissioned by EDF in 1990. It consists of two reactors and therefore two production units capable of producing 1,300 megawatts each.

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