Power cut in Ile-de-France due to short circuit

Giant Power Outage in Ile-de-France after a Short Circuit

On Wednesday 27th November 2019, thousands of homes in Ile-de-France were impacted by a power cut around 10pm. A short circuit would be the cause of the failure. Day – night, day – night. This is what happened in Ile-de-France for two to three minutes, this Wednesday 27th November 2019, around 10pm. The region was impacted by a giant power […]

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New incident at the Cattenom nuclear power station in Moselle

New Incident at the Cattenom Nuclear Power Station in Moselle

A new incident was reported at the Cattenom nuclear power station in Moselle. EDF reassures and asserts that there is no impact on safety and the environment. EDF has also announced a new incident at the Cattenom nuclear power station near Thionville (Moselle), a site that the public company operates. On the night of June 25th to June 26th, […]

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Electricity prices will rise 5.9% on June 1st

Electricity: Prices will Increase by 5.9% on June 1st

The increase of 5.9% for electricity was proposed by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) in February, but the government has postponed this increase of three months, the maximum delay Regulated electricity tariffs are to increase by 5.9% as of 1 June, according to a government document consulted by AFP on Wednesday. The government submitted Tuesday to the Higher Energy Council […]

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One of the reactors at Fessenheim has shut down because of the heatwave

Heatwave: Shutdown of a Reactor at the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant

One of the reactors at the Fessenheim nuclear power station had to be shut down because of the hot weather. It is the fourth in France to suffer the consequences of the heatwave. EDF said on Saturday that it shut down one of the two reactors at the Fessenheim nuclear plant (Haut-Rhin) because of the hot weather. In […]

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Emmanuel Macron gets agreements on nuclear and beef

China: Emmanuel Macron gets Agreements on Nuclear and Beef

China visit on Monday 8th January, Emmanuel Macron clinched an agreement on Tuesday for Areva and the lifting of the Chinese embargo on beef Emmanuel Macron , who hopes of re-balancing the trade relationship with Beijing, won this Tuesday 9th January, the second day of his visit to China, a providential agreement for Areva and announced a lifting of the chinese  embargo […]

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Regulated tariffs of electicity, proposed by EDF to 27 million households, rise 1.7% on August 1st

Electricity: The Regulated Prices up 1.7% on 1st August

The government announced this Friday 28th July, the 1.7% increase in regulated electricity tariffs, as from the 1st August. The government announced on Friday 28th July that regulated electricity tariffs applied by EDF to 27 million households will increase by 1.7% on the 1st August, as part of the annual review of these tariffs. Rates “are […]

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Up to 7000 jobs could be cut at EDF in France

EDF: Up to 7,000 Job Cuts in Four Years

EMPLOYMENT: EDF foresees a decline in enrollment from 7.7% to 10.4% in four years, against 5% in three years originally planned … EDF will amplify and extend by one year its workforce reduction plan announced last year, reaching in 2019 a target objective representing between 5,200 and 7,000 job cuts in four years, according to figures […]

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The Nuclear Power Plant, Brennilis in Finistere will be dismantled by 2031

Brittany: Closed since 1985, the Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant will be Dismantled by 2031

ENERGY: The announcement was made at the wishes of the director … The schedule specifies if a bit. The Brennilis, in Finistère, should be completely dismantled by 2031. This was announced the director of the EDF site during his speech, which The Telegram attended . Fifty years after closure When stopped since 1985, the plant […]

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Reactor shutdown: The electricity supply tight this winter 1

Reactor shutdown: The electricity supply tight this winter

The transmission network has announced that electrical supply would be “more difficult to ensure” this winter due to the shutdown of several reactors of the French nuclear fleet. In case of cold weather, exceptional solutions are considered as interruption of the power supply to certain sites. Electrical supply is “tricky” to make this winter than […]

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A village in the Dordogne, fined for refusing the installation of the Linky meters

Dordogne: A village Condemned for Refusing Linky Meters

The Bordeaux Administrative Court on Friday deliberating on a village in the Dordogne, Montferrand-du-Périgord (160 inhabitants), which refused the installation of electricity Linky meters, ordering them to pay 1,200 euros in court costs . Stéphane Lhomme, a member of the group “Stop Linky”, which opposes the deployment of these so called “smart” meters, denounced “the fact that the Bordeaux Administrative […]

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