Renault Recalls 10,649 Zoe, because Faulty Brake Hose

Over 10,000 Renault Zoe are being recalled over a brake issue

Renault launches a recall of more than 10,000 of its electric car, Zoe, due to incorrect hose brake wear

Renault announced today, Thursday that it has launched a recall on 10,649 electric Zoe due to premature wear of flexible hose carrying the brake fluid.  The cars affected by the recall were manufactured between 2012, the year of vehicle launch, and October 6, 2014.  
Last year, Renault produced 19,115 Zoe electric cars at its plant in Flins (Yvelines), and 42 300 vehicles in all since the launch of the model.  “As a precaution, the intervention consists in controlling the positioning of the hose to the front wheels, and the replacement of the brake hoses (…) in bad positioning “ , said a spokesman of the group, stressing that no accident had been reported to date because of the defect.   The intervention intended to prevent chafing of the hose is offered to the affected customers of the cars, who should take their car top the Renault dealership to have an inspection which should take just over four hours, if parts need replacing.

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