A Security Exercise in Nantes Schools

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113 Public schools in Nantes were involved in a security drill

Nantes The 113 public schools participated, on Tuesday morning, a storm simulation. 17,000 children were involved.

It’s almost 10 am on Tuesday, when the fog horn sounds at the public school of Coudray and Nantes in all institutions. A clearly identifiable way to order the evacuation of classrooms. The reason? The director has been notified of the setting up of a red alert storm warning with winds of 160 km/h.  No one was aware upstream to ensure that staff and children stick closer to reality.  The students and staff then met in the dining room, safe.  “This is a way to acquire reflexes to do not be disadvantaged on the day when an incident occurs, ” says Emmanuel Benigna, director of the school. As a way to “educate the population to risk prevention. We think including panicked parents who wish to pick up their children. This is not a solution because they are safe at school inside ” , says Gilles Nicolas, Assistant to the security of the city of Nantes.

In this way, the particular level of security implementation (PPMS), specific to each institution, and the alert system between the city, the rectory and relief are also tested. 17,000 children were involved.

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