Loire-Atlantique: The Young Driver Caught Speeding at 173 km/h

Local News
The young driver was caught speeding at 173 km/h in a 100 km/h zone

The young man, caught speeding on a road limited to 100 km/h in La Chevrolière on Sunday …

The gendarmes were mobilized throughout the weekend on the roads of the Loire-Atlantique, to ensure the proper behaviour of motorists, especially on the secondary road network.  A driver of 19 years old has experienced this the hard way.

The young man, who has only just passed his test was caught speeding on Sunday at 173 km/h on the D117 to La Chevrolière.  The speed limit of the road is set at 110 km/h and for him to 100 km/h as a young inexperienced driver. Or speeding 73 km/h above the speed limit!

License suspension

“Between license suspension, a heavy fine and having to attend an awareness course in road safety, this young man will ponder long about the consequences of his actions,” concludes the gendarmerie Loire-Atlantique.

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