Free has announced that it has nearly 18 million subscribers to its fixed and mobile service

Free: Almost 18 Million Fixed and Mobile Subscribers


Free and Free Mobile saw their number of subscribers increase by slightly less than two million in 2015 …

Iliad, Free’s parent company, a statement on Thursday, its latest financial and operating results for the year 2015. Free Mobile has recorded the arrival of nearly 1.6 million new subscribers last year . In the field of high and very high speed, it is 270,000 new customers who have “trusted” to the company founded by Xavier Niel, dixit Iliad .

In total, nearly 1.9 million subscribers joined Free in a year, bringing the total number of customers (fixed and mobile) to 17.823 million, against less than 16 million in 2014.

17% market share in France

This influx of new contracts allowed Free Mobile to achieve 17% market share in France while the operator is present in the area for four years.

Figures from the net group result is also soaring, with a jump of 20% year on year to $ 335 million. The turnover of the services branch, he saw an increase of 7.4%.

Free: Almost 18 Million Fixed and Mobile Subscribers 1

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