Weather: Five Departments, including Gironde still Placed on”Orange” Flood Alert

Local News
Five departments have been placed on orange Flood Alert this Monday

Dordogne, Landes, Charente and Charente-Maritime are also involved …

We have not quite finished yet with the bad weather and flooding.  This Monday, Meteo France indicated that the departments of Charente (16) Charente Maritime (17), Dordogne (24) Gironde (33) and Landes (40) are placed in “Orange” Flood Alert.

Clearly, this means that major flooding is possible and that traffic conditions can be made ​​difficult on the roads and the trains, and would probably create disturbances affecting rail transport. The dykes can also be weakened or submerged.

It is recommended to minimize any travel unless absolutely necessary while conforming to road signs. An update of this situation should be performed during the course of the afternoon.

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