Diesel Test. Ségolène Royal Criticizes the European Parliament Vote

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Ségolène Royal believes that this relaxation of the legislation is too "lax".

Since the vote of the European Commission, the new diesel vehicles can exceed 110% of nitrogen dioxide emission limits allowed until 2020.

The French Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal, denounced in an interview published Thursday by Le Parisien the vote of the European Parliament, which approved Wednesday an easing of polluting gases emission tests for diesel vehicles.

This relaxation proposed by the European Commission authorizes new diesel vehicles to exceed 110% of the nitrogen dioxide emissions limits (NOx) authorized until 2020 and 50% thereafter.

“More lax standards”

Ségolène Royal believes that this decision is a setback in the fight for the protection of the air. “Building more lax standards, is like giving car manufactures a right to pollute” she said. “The weight of lobbies unfortunately fully weighed on the decision. ”

The Minister of Ecology also discusses random checks launched in France following the emissions-fixing scandal with Volkswagen.

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