Ségolène Royal, Minister of the Environment, will not stand in next elections

Ségolène Royal Announced that she will not be Parliamentary Candidate

Ségolène Royal, Minister of the Environment, announced on Sunday that it would not be candidate in the parliamentary elections in June. ” I decided not to stand and represent me in the parliamentary elections, I was elected MP since 1988 ,” said on the sidelines of a visit to the Agricultural Fair, which was beaten […]

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Segolene Royal confirms that proposed airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes to have one runway

Notre-Dame-des-Landes: The Airport has Only One Runway if built, warns Royal

The Minister ensures that the conclusion of the experts’ report, which was presented yesterday will be followed … If the people vote for the proposed airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the airport will have only have one runway, instead of the two currently planned.  It has been confirmed by Minister Ségolène Royal. The environment minister has responded on Wednesday, the […]

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Segolene Royal to extend the life of its Nuclear Power Plants by a further 10 Years

Environment: Royal ‘ready’ to Extend Nuclear Power Plants by 10 Years

Subject to the advice of the Nuclear Safety Authority … The Minister for Ecology and Energy, Segolene Royal, on Sunday, said that she would be “ready to give (the) green light” to the extension of ten years to the life of French nuclear power plants, which would increase from 40 to 50 years. Cheaper electricity “Yes, […]

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Ségolène Royal believes that this relaxation of the legislation is too "lax".

Diesel Test. Ségolène Royal Criticizes the European Parliament Vote

Since the vote of the European Commission, the new diesel vehicles can exceed 110% of nitrogen dioxide emission limits allowed until 2020. The French Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal, denounced in an interview published Thursday by Le Parisien the vote of the European Parliament, which approved Wednesday an easing of polluting gases emission tests for […]

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The Minister of Ecology Segolene Royal announced the creation of 1000km of Solar Roads

Renewable Energy: Royal Reiterates the Objective of 1000 km of “Solar Roads”

The Minister of Ecology Segolene Royal reiterated on Sunday, the objective of 1000 km of “solar roads” installed in France in the next five years. The Minister of Ecology Segolene Royal reiterated on Sunday, the objective of 1000 km of “solar roads” installed in France in the next five years. “It’s part of the great […]

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The Minister Segolene Royal has said that there will be no expulsions by force at Notre-Dame-des-Landes

Notre-Dame-des-Landes: “There will be no expulsion by force,” says Ségolène Royal

The Minister of Ecology has expressed on Sunday on France 5 … Have opponents found a sympathetic ear in the government? The Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal has in any case assured on Sunday that there will not deportation “by force” and asked that a report to be made ​​within two months to assess “alternative […]

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Ségolène Royal expressed support for the introduction of security gates in stations

Attacks in Paris. Royal favors Scanners in Railway Stations

Ségolène Royal was in favour of the introduction of security scanners in stations to control access to trains, and not just reserved for international routes. “I asked SNCF to consider this action to be quickly put in place, so that there is the same type of controls as access to airplanes” with such security gates […]

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Taxes will increase for diesel

The Government Confirms the End of the Tax Advantage of Diesel

The taxation of diesel will increase by one cent per litre from 2016 … After years of heated debate, the government decided on Wednesday to start from next year to eliminate the tax advantage enjoyed by diesel fuel compared to petrol.  Matignon has announced “the principle of reconciliation in 5 years between the price of […]

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10,000 euros bonus for switching from diesel to electric cars

Electric Vehicles: a 10,000 Euros Bonus Extended to Diesels over 10 years

The bonus of 10,000 euros, currently provided by the government … The bonus of 10,000 euros, currently provided by the government for the purchase of an electric vehicle in exchange for the abandonment of a diesel vehicle over 15 years, will be extended to diesel vehicles over 10 years, Segolene Royal said on Friday. “We […]

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Supermarkets vow to fight against food waste

Food Waste. Supermarkets Engages in the Fight

Supermarkets and the government reached an agreement, today, Thursday to fight against food waste. The agreement covers a series of voluntary commitments, to strengthen actions against food waste, following a meeting earlier today, Thursday with the Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal. These measures include the obligation for retailers to maximize their donations to associations or […]

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