Agricultural Crisis: Black Thursday for Carrefour and Leclerc

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Agricultural crisis continues in Brittany with protests planned at Supermarkets

The Agricultural Crisis continues with the FDSEA 56 and JA 56 decided to block a dozen supermarkets and hypermarkets on Thursday 4th February and tomorrow, Friday 5th in Morbihan.

The agricultural crisis is set to continue, with members of the farmers union targeting ten stores which are planned to be well blocked off this Thursday and Friday in Morbihan.  The stores that will be targeted in major cities of the department, are Leclerc and Carrefour supermarkets, because  “they seem to not play the game of transparency on the distribution of margins” , according to the FDSEA 56.

At LORIENT, at 9 am, farmers began to take over the parking lot of the Carrefour hypermarket .

A VANNES , the entrances to the Leclerc supermarket are blocked.

Deprive them of revenue

Following the action taken last week on DEPARTMENT, an ultimatum was issued to supermarkets and hypermarkets “for trade negotiations on the rise and a fair distribution of margins,” says the FDSEA 56. “The determination of farmers is set firm on this subject because it is a key to retrieve the value of holdings and finally hope remunerative prices.

The union believes that the retail groups “are capable of making this effort on food prices. They proved it this summer, which helped relieve the pig farmers in particular.  It is in this spirit that trade relations should be held: in the light of producers and consumers.

FDSEA and JA have decided to put some pressure on supermarkets by “robbing it of looking at all costs of sales” .

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