Nitrites and nitrates are used for the preservation of processed meat.

Meats: MEPs Look into Removing Nitrites

A parliamentary mission was opened this Tuesday 3rd March 2020 by three deputies concerning nitrites, these disparaged conservatives added in the products of Meats. What does it matter if his “nitrite tax” project was diverted this fall 2019? At the beginning of March, MP MoDem du Loiret, Richard Ramos, will perhaps take his revenge and reopen […]

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European elections, here are the final results

European Elections: Here are the Final Results

In the aftermath of the European elections, the Ministry of the Interior unveiled the final results and the number of seats obtained by each list. Victory of theRassemblement national (RN), surprise of the Greens , disappointment of LREM, shipwreck of the Republicans and France insoumise. This Sunday, May 26, 2019, more than 47 million French were called to the polls in the context of […]

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Jordan Bardella (Jordan Bardella ( Rassemblement National) after the announcement of the results in the 2019 European elections.

European Elections 2019: The RN Narrowly Won Ahead of LREM by 0.9 points, According to the Final Results …

EUROPEAN ELECTIONS RESULTS: The results of the European elections live with us the day after the election THE ESSENTIAL The Rassemblement National (RN) of Marine Le Pen came first in France on Sunday (23.31%), ahead of the list supported by Emmanuel Macron (22.41%). Participation, much higher than expected, is above 50%. Despite the victories of […]

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras votes for European elections on May 26, 2019

European Elections: Beaten in Greece, Tsipras Announces Early Elections

RESULTS: The leftist party of the Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras has arrived clearly behind the conservatives at European Elections in Greece He heard the message from the ballot box. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , whose leftist party has been heavily sanctioned in European elections and local elections, announced Sunday night that he would convene early elections in June, four months before […]

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Nigel Farage photographed on May 26, 2019 after the announcement of the results of the European elections.

European Elections: Brexit Party Victory in United Kingdom Reinforces “No Deal” Hypothesis

RESULTS: Voters in the United Kingdom severely punished the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Theresa May, in European Elections relegated to 5th place with 7.5% of the vote The Brexit Party of the Populist Nigel Farage , in favor of a clean break with the EU, tops the list in the European elections results for the United Kingdom with 31.5% of the votes, […]

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Jordan Bardella celebrates the victory of the RN to the European Elections in a hall in Paris on May 26, 2019.

European Elections 2019: National Rally in Front of LREM, Greens third

The first estimates of the results of the European elections in France were broadcast by four pollsters at 8:00 pm Sunday 26th May, 2019 The National Rally comes at the top of the European elections , ahead of The Republic in March , according to the first estimates released at 8pm by four institutes Sunday 26th May, 2019. The extreme right-wing […]

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The participation rate in the European elections is 43.29% in France at 5pm

European Elections 2019: The Participation rate is 43.29% at 5pm

At 5 pm, the turnout in the European elections is 43.29% in France. A rate up from 2014. The first polls will close at 6pm. The European elections continue Sunday, May 26, 2019. If at noon, the participation rate was 19.26%   (a rate higher than in 2014 at the same time), it was 43.29% at 17 hours in metropolitan […]

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European elections participation rate in France at midday

European Elections 2019: Participation is 19.26% at Midday, up from 2014

The European elections have started since 8am Sunday 26th May, 2019, in France. The French must appoint their MEPs. We take stock at midday. D-Day for the European elections. Since 8am, Sunday 26th May, 2019, 47.1 million French voters are invited to go to the polls to elect their MEPs , from the 34 national lists filed . At 12.00, the participation […]

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France vote in the European Elections today to elect MEP's to the European Parliament

European elections 2019: voting time has come in France

From 8am on Sunday 26th May 2019, voters are called to vote to elect 79 French MEPs who will sit in the European Parliament. Who will come first? Polling stations open Sunday at 8am in metropolitan France for European elections heavy issues including national, with referee abstention, which promises to be massive. Nearly 47 million voters are called […]

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The European Parliament passed a resolution in favor of the abandonment of the time change.

European Parliament: Towards the End of the Summer Time

The European Parliament voted on Thursday in favour of abandoning the biannual time change in the European Union. A first step towards the end of summer time in France. As are we finished with “one or advance one back one hour”? The European Parliament has adopted a resolution this Thursday 8th February, 2018, to halt the biannual time change in the European […]

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