Speeding: A Senator in Favour of a Point Deduction instead of Fine

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Senator proposes more flexibility with speeding fines

Senator from the Republicans party, Alain Fouché advocates more flexibility for speeding of less than 10 km/h …

A little more flexibility for the ‘small’ speeding, of less than 10 km/h. This is what the demand of Senator for the Republicans (LR) Alain Fouché, who has filed a bill to that effect.  According to its text, this excess would not be punished, but would lead to a simple deduction of points.

The text intends to “make a distinction between speeding over the limit of between 10 and 20 km/h, which would still be a criminal offence and would remain punishable by a fine (…) and the withdrawal of a point of driving license, and overtaking below 10 km/h, for which the only administrative sanction would be, “said the memorandum.

An “automated control became a real source of revenue for the State”

The elected ironically also states that “automated control became a real source of revenue for the state.”  In 2014, 672 million euros were generated for “only fixed fines” relating to speed cameras, he said.

While stressing that the development of radar and zero tolerance have demonstrated their effectiveness in terms of road safety, Alain Fouché reports that “undermined by the users of this system of sanction by automated means, it is felt as a means in place by the state to finance public spending. ”

Speeding less than 20 km /h in an area where the limitation is more than 50 km/h is currently subject to a fine of 68 euros and withdrawal of a point on the license.

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