Despite the curfew, the sandwich shop was in "open bar" mode in Toulouse

Coronavirus in Toulouse: Despite the Curfew, the Sandwich Shop was in “Open Bar” Mode

CURFEW: A small fast-food restaurant in Bagatelle, Toulouse, was “emptied” by the police on Monday evening well after the curfew At 10.45 pm, the small crowd, already spotted several times in front of a very small fast-food restaurant in the Bagatelle district, in Toulouse, necessarily attracted the attention of the police on Monday evening. Especially since the establishment had […]

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The police intervened on Saturday evening in Puyricard, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, for an evening bringing together nearly 100 people in a bar

Bouches-du-Rhône: The Police Stop an Evening in a Bar in Puyricard with 100 People

CURFEW: The police intervened on Saturday evening in Puyricard, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, for an evening bringing together nearly 100 people in a bar Another evening interrupted by the police. The police intervened on Saturday evening in the village of Puyricard, near Aix-en-Provence, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, for a clandestine evening. As La Provence relates, a hundred people gathered in the room of a village bar. A participant […]

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Police break up New Years Eve Party in Marseille

Coronavirus in Marseille: An Illegal Party Bringing Together 300 People Interrupted by the Police

NEW YEARS EVE: More than 150 of these revellers in Marseille were fined by the police for violating the curfew An illegal party bringing together 300 people was interrupted and dispersed by the police on New Year’s Eve in Marseille and more than 150 of these revellers were fined for violating the curfew, we learned on Friday from police […]

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From May 11th, wearing a mask will be mandatory in public transport.

Deconfinement: 135 Euros Fine if You Do Not Wear a Mask on Public Transport

From May 11th, non-compliance with the wearing of masks in public transport will be penalized, warned the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. Skipping the mandatory mask on the bus or metro could be expensive. In an interview with the Parisian, the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, has indeed announced that non-compliance with the wearing of masks in […]

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The number of coronavirus deaths has risen to 674 in France

Coronavirus: 674 Dead, 16,018 Confirmed Cases… Update on the Situation in France

During a press briefing organized on Sunday 22nd March 2020, the Director-General of Health, Jérôme Salomon announced 1559 new cases and 112 additional deaths. France, under confinement, has more victims of the coronavirus. In a press briefing organized on Sunday 22nd March 2020, the Director-General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, announced 1559 new confirmed cases and 112 new deaths, since […]

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If the violation of the rules is noted three times in less than 30 days, the fine becomes a crime

Non-Compliance with Confinement: Up To Six Months in Prison and a Fine of 3,750 Euros

In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment which aims to punish more severely those who do not respect the rules of confinement. A new turn of screws against reluctant to containment. In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment on Saturday 21st March 2020, which aims to punish people who leave […]

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Police and gendarmerie controls are intensifying in France on the sidelines of the containment measures imposed by the government.

Coronavirus: The Fine for Unjustified Displacement Passes to 135 Euros this Wednesday

In case of non-compliance with the confinement measures, the French are liable to a fine of 135 euros, details a decree published in the Official Journal on Wednesday 18th March 2020. Braving the travel ban can be expensive. Since Tuesday 17th March 2020, France has been placed in quasi-generalized confinement, in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Measures have […]

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In Rennes it is estimated that 70 percent of drivers cheat the parking meters

Rennes: 70% of Drivers Cheat Parking

Often one complains of too many fines. According to environmentalists elected in Rennes, only one motorist in seven puts coins in the parking meter. A shortfall for the City. Earlier in the week, at the city council meeting, Matthew Theurier, the leader of environmentalists elected, suggested some new ideas to find some solutions for the city, […]

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Fourteen senators have been fined 2100 euros for their lack of attendance

Sanction of 2,100 euros for 14 Absent Senators

PARLIAMENT: Senate President warned that it would “not their names” of the senators… Fourteen senators will be billed 2,100 euros for absenteeism during the last quarter of 2015, announced Wednesday, by Senate President Gerard Larcher, taking stock of the measures in force since 1 October to fight against this scourge. “We have 14 colleagues who […]

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Senator proposes more flexibility with speeding fines

Speeding: A Senator in Favour of a Point Deduction instead of Fine

Senator from the Republicans party, Alain Fouché advocates more flexibility for speeding of less than 10 km/h … A little more flexibility for the ‘small’ speeding, of less than 10 km/h. This is what the demand of Senator for the Republicans (LR) Alain Fouché, who has filed a bill to that effect.  According to its text, […]

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