Snow. Several Departments on Alert, Pay Attention to Ice

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Snow has hit many departments in France

To the west, the first snowflakes hit  Normandy with complications on the roads. Several trucks are stuck between Caen and Rennes on the A84.

It had been expected, and it happened. The snow has appeared in the West. So beware risk of slipping on the road on Friday morning. In the course of the night, a snowy and stormy episode started across Normandy, affecting especially the south and east of the department of Calvados, the Manche and the Orne. Météo France has placed several departments to the West on yellow alert for snow.

Several departments on Snow alert
Météo France has placed several western departments snow yellow alert. | Capture Meteo France

Frosts become widespread. The minimum will drop to 0 to -3 degrees in Northeastern Loire until Massif Central, 1-6 south of the Garonne and near the Mediterranean.

First difficulties on the A84 between Rennes and Caen

In a rather cold northwesterly flow, sometimes thundery showers will signal to the coast of Brittany and Normandy at the Centre. A little snow has whitened the Norman hills and the episode should extend a portion of the day always according to forecasts from Météo France.

Snow and stormy night in Normandy
In the course of the night, a snowy and stormy episode happened in Normandy | Capture Meteo France

The appearance of those first flakes resulted in the night some traffic problems on the A84 between Caen and Rennes where several heavyweights found themselves in difficulty. Several dozen of them are now fixed on the emergency lane of the A84 up to Gouvets Manche. In this sector, salting operations are underway in the early morning and a portion of 2.5 km is currently closed to traffic.


“On some five kilometers, it runs on a single track in the direction Rennes-Caen, dozens of trucks are capitalized in the center lane, says an employee of the area of the Valley of the Vire located Gouvets. In the another sense, it sounds completely blocked; I have a colleague who is stuck.”

Ice in the Morbihan

In the department of Morbihan, the operational center of the gendarmerie counted twenty calls reporting road trips mostly due to ice. Malestroit and sectors of Plouay are particularly affected.

The departments of Cotes d’Armor, Finistère and Ille-et-Vilaine seem spared for now, except some hail it-and then.

The orange alert in East

Snowfall already occur this morning in northern Lorraine north of the Lower Rhine, causing a few centimeters of snow into the ground. The departments of the Moselle, the Meurthe-et-Moselle and the  Lower Rhine are placed in orange alert. The height of the snowfall in this region is due in the morning and alert in the three departments is planned until 10pm.

The weather will remain well mixed on the regions of the east and north of the Pyrenees. Early in the day, snow showers will report to the Ardennes, Alsace, Franche-Comté and to the northern Alps. But locally it will snow lightly until plain. A temporary lull return during the day.

It will snow lightly as the Pyrenees between 500 and 1,000 m. In other regions, the weather will be brighter with more cloudy. The wind will blow moderately with peaks of 70 km / h on the coast of Normandy, Brittany and Vendée. In the evening, the snow will return by Germany and then win the Franche-Comté and the northern Alps. Caution, it may locally reach a thickness of 5 cm soil in Alsace.

Avalanche risk

The risk of avalanche is still marked on the Alps. The Southeast will have a bright sky covered with a veil of high clouds. The north wind and mistral will be sensitive with gusts to around 70 to 90 km / h around the Gulf of Lions, on the Var coast and the eastern Pyrenees 80 to 100 km / h in the morning on the Southern Corsican.

The temperatures of the afternoon, down, reach 5-8 degrees on the west coast, 8-13 southeast of the country, but only 0-5 degrees elsewhere.

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