Sanction of 2,100 euros for 14 Absent Senators

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Fourteen senators have been fined 2100 euros for their lack of attendance

PARLIAMENT: Senate President warned that it would “not their names” of the senators…

Fourteen senators will be billed 2,100 euros for absenteeism during the last quarter of 2015, announced Wednesday, by Senate President Gerard Larcher, taking stock of the measures in force since 1 October to fight against this scourge.

“We have 14 colleagues who will be billed for lack of attendance of 2,100 euros,” said Gerard Larcher (Republicans) to the Association of Parliamentary Journalists (AJP).”But I will not give the names of the senators out as food,” he warned.

“Almost a fictitious job habit”

Gérard Larcher was presented in March, months after his election as head of the High Assembly, a system that was  a financial device which includes both the allowance and the representative mandate compensation expenses (IRFM).  In total, a little hard Senator may be deprived of 4,400 euros per month, or 13,200 euros for a quarter.

Absenteeism of some parliamentarians were regularly denounced. Senator Catherine Tasca (PS) had even spoken of “almost a fictitious job habit”. If satisfactory the effect of these measures, Gerard Larcher said that during the last quarter, more than 87% of senators took part in the solemn votes, 84% in the work of their committees, and 75% attended the questions to the government.

The set of measures aimed to strengthen the participation of senators in the work, better regulation and more effective control. On this point, Larcher said, “we gained two days on the examination of the finance bill.” “Twenty-seven of 41 major texts were adopted by the shuttle, and over 60% of Senate amendments were adopted by the National Assembly.”

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