Plessé: Stolen Van Burned, Set Fire to Barn

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The stolen van was set on fire at Plessé, causing Barn to catch fire

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the van that was used to commit a burglary at Plessé, was set on fire, but also set lit to a barn.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, at about 2 am, several people broke into an electrical appliance warehouse located at Plessé, north of Nantes. They loaded the van with printers, TV screens, computers, although the exact amount of equipment stolen hasn’t yet been released at the moment.

They set fire to the van …

They then headed to a farm located about 500 meters away, at a place called Ker Thérèse, where they had parked a second vehicle in which they transferred the stolen goods.  They then set fire to the stolen van before departing the scene.

… And the barn catches fire

Whilst the van was on fire, it caused a failure of the brakes due to the heat, and the van, which was parked on a slight slope, started to roll towards the barn.  The van finished resting against the agricultural barn of 540 m² which housed 350 tons of hay and fodder and 25 tons of fertilizer, causing the barn and its contents to also be engulfed in flames.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at about 3 am, to tackle the fire and report that their was no injuries.  The burglars at this time had left the scene.  The local Gendarmerie of Chateaubriant have opened a full investigation into the matter and are appealing to any witnesses or anyone with any information to come forward.

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