A Tonne of Cannabis Hidden in Barrels of Olives at the Spanish Border

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A ton of cannabis was found in olive barrels

The truck was intercepted as they leave Andalusia …

A tonne of cannabis resin was seized on Monday in Biriatou (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), near the Spanish border, hidden in barrels of olives  on a lorry registered in Spain, it has been reported on Wednesday by Customs officials.

Customs officers intercepted the truck on Monday afternoon, when he came from Andalusia and was carrying 93 barrels of olives  to the Netherlands.

“After canvassing several tons, customs encounter resistance at one of the barrels.Under the  olives, they discovered clear bags containing herbal cannabis and cannabis resin bales, “said the General Directorate of Customs in a statement.

Of the 93 barrels, 17 contained drugs: a ton of cannabis resin distributed in 32 bales, and 66 bags of cannabis herb with a total weight of 71 kg.

The merchandise is estimated at over 6.5 million euros on illegal resale market in the narcotics detail, according to the customs.

The driver, aged 34 and of Spanish nationality, was the subject of a customs retained before being taken into custody to view the premises of the judicial police in Bayonne where he had always heard Wednesday, said a source close to the investigation.

In early December, a seizure of 152 kg of amphetamines worth two million euros was performed in a cache Biriatou fitted on board a lorry registered in the Netherlands carrying drinks palettes.

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