Lille: He Saves Two Babies from Fire Through the Roof

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Man saves mother and two babies from burning house near Lille

A neighbour came to the rescue of a mother and her two babies, trapped in their burning house Friday near Lille …

An act of courage that has saved twins of eight months. Marc Deveuldre a Wattrelosien, aged 35 years tells in La Voix du Nord, how he faced on Friday morning,  the flames to rescue his neighbours: a mother and her two babies, stuck at home by fire.

“At no time, I asked myself questions”

Alerted by smoke coming from the house of neighbours, in Wattrelos, near Tourcoing, Marc Deveuldre opened the door by giving great kicks, but impossible to enter. “I heard my neighbour who called for help on the first floor,” says the Marc to the regional daily.

I had no choice to therefore go in through the roof to retrieve the two girls, one by one, climbing out the window. “At no time did I asked myself questions. I just had a fear of falling when I had children in their arms, “he says.

The firefighters then arrived on scene, bringing the woman out of the house.  Slightly intoxicated, from the effects of the smoke, she was hospitalized with her two daughters.

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