Châteaubriant : The Sous-Préfecture occupied for Two Hours

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Sous-Prefecture occupied in Chateaubriant by 50 Militants

On Tuesday, around 3pm fifty people have hung a banner over the entrance to the sous-préfecture in Chateaubriant and occupied the building.

A red banner

This Tuesday, January 12, 2016, around 3 pm, a red banner “Ni procès, ni expulsions – Neither trial, nor expulsions” was hung above the main entrance to the sub-prefecture of Chateaubriant, Vauzelles street.

More than fifty activists of the CASTELBRIANTAIS group of opponents of the proposed airport in Notre Dame-des-Landes invaded the building to the surprise of the staff. They left them to 5.15pm, when Véronique Schaaf, sub-prefect of the district of Châteaubriant, would receive a delegation.

A pacifist Action

This pacifist action follows the event held on Saturday,  9th January on the Nantes ring road. “We occupy this place because the French state does not respond to our requests. We will stay until we meet his representative “.  This is based on the fact that” Francois Hollande had said there would be no evictions before a full exhaustion of remedies and procedures “.

A prefectural commitment

If they had a moment intend to have “the Elysee on the phone” to protest against the expulsion hanging over the inhabitants of the ZAD assigned to the court on Wednesday, they had to settle for a telephone conversation with a representative of the state, in this case the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, which is committed to them to talk through the evening.

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