Toulouse: Traffickers Cast Off Bag of 8 Kilos of Cannabis in their Flight

Local News
The backpack contained 8 kilos of Cannabis resin

Mirail, two men fled at the sight of police officers leaving a backpack filled with cannabis …

Monday afternoon, a Gendarme brigade of Mirail were on patrol at rue de Charente, in Bagatelle. When they see the two men acting suspiciously with bag packs around their necks.

A chase ensues through the streets, the two police officers attempting to intercept the two fugitives.

Backpack abandoned

Trying to catch up, one of officers takes a kick from one of the two fugitives, while his colleague is hurt by jumping relates France 3 Midi-Pyrénées on its website.

They did not manage to catch up, but the police did not return empty-handed. As they fled, the two traffickers dropped a backpack on the sidewalk. Inside, they discovered 8 kg of cannabis resin.

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