Skiing: Tessa Worley Champion of France in Giant Slalom

After her world title and her Crystal Globe, Tessa Worley was awarded Monday the title of champion of France's giant slalom.

After winning the world title and the Crystal Globe specialty, Tessa Worley concluded her outstanding season by winning the giant slalom championships in the France alpine skiing on Monday in Lelex in Ain.

From the Haute-Savoe, the 27 year old, Tessa Worley, was imposed on Monday 27 March on the giant slalom championships in France. She is ahead, with more than a second ahead, the young Jade Grillet Aubert (19) and Romane Miradoli. It is for her the highlight of an exceptional season.

Adeline Beau Mugnier, who won Sunday the title of champion of France slalom, finally finished off the podium.

France championship giant slalom ranking

1. Tessa Worley 1:44.76 (50.77 + 53.99)2. Jade Grillet Aubert 1:45.81 (51.50 + 54.31)3. Romane Miradoli 1:45.85 (50.84 + 55.01)

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