Weather: We Experienced the Warmest Christmas Ever Known in Anjou

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Weather, record temperatures recorded in Anjou

The absolute record was broken with 15.6 ° temperature in Beaucouzé, this December 25th.And it is not finished. It will be still warmer Monday before a great degradation.

“We have never reached such a temperature, confirms Mathieu Dauphin, engineer at Meteo France, the Beaucouzé station. It made ​​15.6 ° at Christmas. The previous record was in 1997 with 15 °. “

Up to 16 ° Monday

In itself, this record does not mean anything. It is better to rely on a longer rolling period. By taking the average temperatures between 2 October and 25 December, we arrive at 11.4 ° one-tenth of a degree higher than in 2011 on a similar period. This means that the record is beaten on 85 days!

Time will spoil

This should not stop there. The technician announces 16 ° Monday. But time will spoil, with a disturbed diet and rainy passages show. There is even talk of gusts to 70 km / h with sleet or hail.But we will always be above the seasonal average.

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