Petit-Mars: CCTV at Fernand-Sastre sports complex

Local News
CCTV to be installed at Petit-Mars

The Sports building at Petit-Mars undergoes regular damage. The Mayor has decided to install four cameras there.

The town of Petit-Mars turns to the Fernand-Sastre of CCTV sports complex. The building regularly undergoes degradation (tags, tamper attempts, forced doors and locks …), which entail a cost for the small local village.  Four CCTV cameras, including one with an internal recorder, will be installed.  The cost to the village is € 5,250.

The project has not been approved unanimously, but the majority seem to be for the decision to install the cameras.  Recalling that the damage is paid by the public purse, politicians see it as a political commitment: “This is the video-protection”.  They insist “If you do nothing wrong, then it should not bother the person, ” says the Mayor, Jean-Luc Besnier.

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