Nantes: The show “Midi en France” live from Bouffay Square

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The France 3 programme, midi en France will be in Nantes all week
The France 3 programme, midi en France will be in Nantes all week
Cafes terraces LOCATED place of Bouffay in the center of Nantes. Illustration and real estate tourism. Nantes Loire Atlantique Pays de la Loire / SALOM-GOMIS_152311 / Credit: SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / SIPA / 1409011711 – SIPA.

The daily appointment of France 3 stops in Nantes on Monday and Tuesday …

From Monday to Friday, Nantes will be on the small screen with Midi en France.  The show, broadcast daily at 10:50 on France 3 places its bags in the city of the Dukes. Five stories will put the city and its surroundings in the spotlight thanks to the chosen themes: the Talensac market history, a visit to the Cordemais, the Lieu Unique, the buildings lookedover the Quai de la Fosse. There is also talk gastronomy, leisure and tourism.

Attend the show

To meet the food journalist Vincent Ferniot and all his band columnists, the Nantais can attend the show, which takes place from the Place Bouffay. To participate, go at least 15 minutes before each appointment: Monday at 10:15 (live), 1:15 p.m. ET 2:45 p.m. (Wednesday’s Emissions recordings and Thursday) or Tuesday at 10.15 (direct) and 1pm (registration the issue of Friday).

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