Clashes in Paris on the sidelines of the COP21: More than two hundred arrests Republic Square

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Protesters and Police clash for COP21 conference in Paris
Protesters and Police clash for COP21 conference in Paris
Clashes between security forces and protesters on Sunday November 29 2015, Place de la Republique in Paris. – Laurent Cipriani / AP / SIPA

Hollande denounces the action “outrageous” of “disruptive elements” …

The clashes between some demonstrators and the riot police on the Republic Square in Paris on Sunday led to 208 arrests including 174 in police custody, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve Sunday night.  The police department had raised a hundred arrests in mid-afternoon.

“The masked face”

“These are small violent groups who attacked the police with projectiles” such as “candles and even a bowling ball,” said Police Commissioner Michel Cadot, adding that none of the protesters or police officers had been injured.

These “small groups” some “masked” and “projectile carriers” have “tried to pass” through the police presence at the Avenue of the Republic. Some 200-300 of them have therefore been “channeled” by the police on the spot, and among them, a hundred arrested. Michel Cadot considered that these excesses did not call into question the security arrangements in place for the Cop 21.

Tensions entre manifestants et force de l’ordre… par 20Minutes

Violent acts, including throwing projectiles, committed by some demonstrators must be denounced “with the greatest firmness of respect for the victims of the attacks,” said Bernard Cazeneuve. “No amalgam can not be made in good faith between demonstrators and groups who have always had only one purpose: to take responsible and legitimate gatherings to commit unacceptable violence,” he added.

On Twitter, Manuel Valls condemned the incident “shameful” and called for “respect the memory of the victims” of the attacks.

For his part, Francois Hollande denounces the action “outrageous” of “disruptive elements”.
The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has also expressed via a tweet:

According to organizers, “over 10,000” people took part in a human chain, earlier Boulevard Voltaire, to denounce “the climate emergency” on the eve of the opening of the COP21, despite the ‘ban on demonstrations imposed under the state of emergency that followed the attacks of November 13. The police, she counted 4,500 demonstrators.

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