President Francois Hollande visits Eygpt today as part of his Middle east Tour

François Hollande in Egypt: Human Rights, Left Out of the Visit?

Several officials warn the French head of state on the issue of human rights … François Hollande continues his tour of the Middle East.  After a visit to Lebanon, the president arrived Sunday in Cairo, Egypt. The Head of State, accompanied by Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay and Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, will be hosted […]

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Lebanon: Hollande promised 100 million euros to deal with the refugee crisis

Lebanon: Hollande Promised 100 Million Euros to Deal with the Refugee Crisis

The president also said France had received 1,000 refugees from Lebanon in 2015 and in 2016 and 2017, it would host a total of 3 000 additional … The crisis of migrants was at the heart of the visit of François Hollande in Lebanon. The French president promised Saturday to Beirut € 100 million “in the […]

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Youth unemployment, job creation, forecasts for 2016 ... During his televised speech Thursday, President Hollande juggled the figures

Employment and Unemployment: Figures from Hollande Analysed

Youth unemployment, job creation, forecasts for 2016 … During his televised speech Thursday, President Hollande juggled the figures. France in the European average youth unemployment: FALSE Thursday evening in the show “citizen dialogues” , François Hollande denied that unemployment under 25 is greater than five points at the European average.  “No, is not true “ , he […]

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Francois Hollande has said he will prosecute Fraudalent European Companies after the release of the Panama Papers

Panama Papers: Hollande wants to prosecute Fraudulent Companies

Following a Council of Franco-German Ministers in Metz, François Hollande promised that the European “companies” involved in Fraud will be prosecuted … “If there are companies in Europe who engage in these actions, they will be prosecuted” , said the President of the French Republic, during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel where […]

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President Hollande announces successes against Daesh Oil traffic in Syria

Francois Hollande: The Daesh Oil Traffic is Reduced

The French head of state, Francois Hollande said that the portfolio of the jihadist organization IS dries … The strikes are bearing fruit. French President Francois Hollande said on Friday that the lucrative oil smuggling from Syria organized by the organization Islamic state (IS) had been “greatly reduced” through the bombing by the coalition forces. The Head […]

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Protesters and Police clash for COP21 conference in Paris

Clashes in Paris on the sidelines of the COP21: More than two hundred arrests Republic Square

Hollande denounces the action “outrageous” of “disruptive elements” … The clashes between some demonstrators and the riot police on the Republic Square in Paris on Sunday led to 208 arrests including 174 in police custody, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve Sunday night.  The police department had raised a hundred arrests in mid-afternoon. “The masked […]

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President Francois Hollande announces an "Act of War" against France

Hollande accused the group of IS committing “an act of war”

Francois Hollande Saturday called the attacks highly … Francois Hollande called Saturday the extremely deadly attacks in Paris of “act of war”, pointing for the first time as head “terrorist army” of the organization Islamic state, “Daech” and called on the French for “unity”,  “gathering” and “cool.” “It’s an act of war committed by a […]

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Soldiers in Paris after the Attacks in Paris

Attacks in Paris: at least 128 Dead, Crisis Meeting at the Elysee

First day state of emergency in France. The country is waking up Saturday morning in fright after the series of terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night. An update on the terrible attacks in Paris last night, as more information is now coming clear is that at least 128 people were killed and 192 injured including […]

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