Up to one million species face extinction

Up to One Million Species may be at Risk of Extinction

Eight million animal and plant species are present on the planet. But the use of land and resources by humans threatens them, according to a UN report Man depends on nature but destroys it methodically. Up to one million animal and plant species may be at risk of extinction,many of them “in the coming decades,” according to a draft UN […]

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Students demonstrate to call on leaders to take action against climate change on March 15, 2019 in Rome

Climate: The Youth of the World on the Streets to Save the Planet

World Youth is demonstrating this Friday 15th March, 2019 to raise awareness of the climate emergency. Meeting points are organised “in 1769 locations and 112 countries”. Thousands of young people are mobilizing on Friday 15th March, 2019 in several countries of Oceania and Asia to sensitize politicians to climate change, responding to the call made by Swedish Greta […]

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Various organisations will be protesting in France over the next two days

Climate, Police Violence, “Yellow Vests” … What you Need to Know about the Major Climate and Social Mobilisations of Friday and Saturday

PROTESTS: Associations with various demands foresee massive mobilisations on March 15th and 16th. From yellow vests to environmental NGOs to undocumented collectives. And this time, they want to do (partly) common front Two major climate mobilisations are planned this week in France. The global student strike at the call of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg on Friday, and the Walk […]

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A citizen march against the climate took place in Caen this Saturday, September 8, as in 109 other cities in France. 1,500 people marched in the streets of Caen.

Climate March: 1,500 People in the Streets of Caen

A citizen march against the climate took place in Caen this Saturday 8th September as in 109 other cities in France. 1,500 people marched in the streets of Caen. This Saturday, September 8, 2018 , more than 1,500 people marched through the streets of downtown  Caen (Calvados) on the occasion of a citizen walk for the climate . 110 climate rallies were held throughout France on the occasion of […]

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Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House plunged into darkness for "Planet Hour"

Climate Change: This Saturday at 8.30pm, Participate in the “Time for the planet”!

CLIMATE: It must be observed by millions of people in 187 countries, who will turn off their lights at the appointed time … The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge were plunged into darkness this Saturday for the launch of “Planet Hour” (“ Earth Hour”) , an annual campaign around the world to mobilize climate change and […]

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The French president spoke after the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate, on June 1

Paris Accord: “Make our planet great again”, Macron talks to Trump in English

CLASH: The French president addressed the American people from the Elysee … A new era for French presidents. In an English more than adequate, Emmanuel Macron turned to Donald Trump and the American people on Thursday night from the Elysee, after the decision of US President to withdraw from the Paris agreement on the climate . The French president […]

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August 2016 broke worldwide temperature records

August 2016 Broke the Temperature Record for the World

CLIMATE: This is the 16th consecutive month to beat worldwide temperature records … The thermometer exploded this summer … August 2016 broke the record for worldwide temperature, marking the 16th consecutive month to peak at temperatures, announced on Tuesday by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) . These hold the longest period of monthly records […]

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Protesters and Police clash for COP21 conference in Paris

Clashes in Paris on the sidelines of the COP21: More than two hundred arrests Republic Square

Hollande denounces the action “outrageous” of “disruptive elements” … The clashes between some demonstrators and the riot police on the Republic Square in Paris on Sunday led to 208 arrests including 174 in police custody, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve Sunday night.  The police department had raised a hundred arrests in mid-afternoon. “The masked […]

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the Prefect has banned demonstrations this weekend

Loire-Atlantique: The Prefect Bans Public Demonstrations and Rallies this Weekend

Because of the COP21 of the terrorist threat and mobilizing the police force, all demonstrations are prohibited on Saturday and Sunday, announces the Prefecture … Demonstrations and rallies on public roads is strictly prohibited this Saturday and Sunday, for whatever reason, announced the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Henri-Michel Comet this afternoon. “This decision comes at a […]

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French President Francois Hollande, speaking at the G7 Summit

G7: Francois Hollande welcomes “ambitious and realistic commitments” Climate

French President Francois Hollande welcomed that the G7 has taken “ambitious and realistic commitments” in the fight against global warming for the Paris Conference in December. French President Francois Hollande welcomed on Monday that the G7 has taken “ambitious and realistic commitments” in the fight against global warming for the Paris Conference in December. “All […]

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