Attacks in Paris: Social Networks bereaved by Death Announcements

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Out pouring of grief and despair on Social Networks

Out pouring of grief and despair on Social Networks

Internet users express their sorrow and solidarity on Twitter as the identity of victims of the attacks is revealed …

After nearly 24 hours of endless waiting, the names and faces of 129 victims of the attacks occurred Friday night in Paris gradually invade social networks.

The Search for people transforms to a serch for the dead

This is even more evident on the accounts  Recherche Paris or Recherche people specially created to help people looking for relatives, colleagues or friends present in the X and XI districts when the drama through keyword #RechercheParis

While the Internet turns tirelessly on Twitter and Facebook with messages from people still looking for friends and loved ones missing, there are many on Saturday night who tell their sadness and helplessness and seeing the turn to  obituaries for their friends, colleagues and loved ones.

This Saturday night, hope is still allowed, however, among the victims were 352 wounded that have not all been identified on arrival to the emergency room on Friday night.  At his press conference this Saturday night the prosecutor Molins asked once again for the families of missing persons to contact the information hotline provided by the government: 0800 40 60 05. 

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