Macron and Le pen have been invited to the tribute of the policeman shot on the Champs-Elysee

Attack on the Champs-Elysees: Macron and Le Pen Invited by Hollande to the National Tribute on Tuesday

TERRORISM: The President invited the two finalists of the second round of presidential elections to Tuesday’s ceremony … The two finalists of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, were invited by François Hollande to attend on Tuesday the national tribute to the policeman killed in the attack on the Champs-Elysees, said a spokesman […]

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President Francois Hollande reassures public after terrorist shooting on Champs-Elysee

Shooting on the Champs-Elysees: François Hollande promises “absolute vigilance” on safety

TERRORISM: The president spoke from the Elysee a few hours after the shooting, Thursday evening on the Champs-Elysee in Paris …  François Hollande made a brief speech just a few hours after the shooting Thursday evening in which a policeman died . He had to meet with the prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Interior Minister Matthias […]

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France has noticed a fall in tourism numbers in the summer

Terrorist threat: Tourist Numbers fell 2.5% in France this Summer

ECONOMY: In a study published on Wednesday, INSEE highlights the weight of the attacks in France, hit tourism this summer … The destination France is a risk? This is what many more foreign tourists seem to think of France. The first results of the summer especially bad for the French Riviera and the Paris area, was […]

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Lanterns, "symbols of hope and life" were deposited on the Saint-Martin canal in memory of the victims of the Paris attacks on 13th November

13th November: Lanterns float on the Canal Saint-Martin

Thousands of lanterns floating in the Saint-Martin Canal in Paris, in tribute to the victims of the 13th November. A ceremony lanterns, inspired by a Hindu tradition, started in the Saint-Martin Canal in Paris, on the initiative of the association Always Paris in tribute to victims of the terrorist attacks of the 13th November 2015. Lanterns, […]

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The fight against terrorism in France is far from over

In France, the Fight Against Terrorism is Far from Over

TERRORISM:  According to the Minister of the Interior, 15 planned attacks have been foiled since 2013 … Since the beginning of the year, 101 people “directly related to terrorism” were arrested, according to Bernard Cazeneuve . In an interview to be published in newspapers of Friday Ebra group, six months after the attacks in November […]

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Faced with threats of attack, the elite forces are reorganizing in France

Raid, BRI GIGN: Faced with Threats of Attack, the Elite Forces are Reorganizing

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has to announce his plan Tuesday afternoon … After 2015 was sadly marked by a series of two attacks, the interior minister unveils a national scheme of intervention elite units in the event of terrorist attack. The prospect of Euro 2016 will undoubtedly weighed heavily in the timing of implementation of […]

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Francois Hollande announces a further 800 jobs in Defence and the cancellation of the 10,000 job losses

Defence: François Hollande will Create 800 jobs and Cancel 10,000 losses

Following the attacks of Paris, the president promised that there would be no reduction of staff in the defence until 2019 … and the risk of attacks has forced the government to review the deployment of staff for defense and homeland security . Operational units and cyber defense “During this advice, the President of the […]

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Salah Abdeslam has confirmed that he wants to cooperate with the French Authorities

November attacks: Salah Abdeslam wants to be handed over to France and “collaborating” with justice

After working for a time with the Belgian courts, he now remains silent … Abdeslam Salah, arrested on 18 March in Brussels and held in Belgium, would be handed over to France and “collaborating with the French authorities”, said his lawyer Sven Mary on Thursday. At first, the 10th man of Paris commando did not […]

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Since border controls have been re-introduced, 6000 people have been refused entry

Border Controls: Over 6,000 People Refused Entry in Two Months

French Border Controls, exceptionally restored to reinforce security ahead of the COP21, were maintained after the attacks of November 13 … Since the reintroduction of  French border controls on November 13, 2015, over 6,000 people were turned away, said the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Friday on the sidelines of a visit to Annemasse. 12 […]

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7 out of 10 in favour of continuing the state of emergency

Nearly 7 out of 10 French Favour the Extension of State of Emergency

According to a survey, 69% of French people want an extension of the state of emergency beyond 21 February. Safety first. Nearly seven in ten French -69% – are in favour of extending the state of emergency beyond the 21st February.  This is according to a YouGov poll for theHuffington Post  and iTELE released yesterday, […]

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