Pyrénées-Orientale : An Albino Turtle Born in a Zoo

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Albino Turtle born in Pyrénées orientales
Albino Turtle born in Pyrénées orientales
An albino turtle is born in a wildlife park of the Pyrénées orientales in September 2015. – La Vallée des tortues

An extremely rare event in the world of turtles …

An all white turtle was born in September in a zoo of Sorède, in the Pyrénées-Orientales.  Extremely rare thing, the animal is an albino turtle, or rather hypomélanistique.

The park site la Vallee des Tortues publishes the birth announcements this week, eighteen days after the event. “With great surprise and delight, a baby albino turtle is born, it is a boettgeri  turtle.”

The eyes are particularly fragile

Healers promise to give him all the care and attention needed for his state because “it is extremely sensitive to natural and artificial light which it is not protected and ages prematurely. The eyes are especially fragile. “Even if they are not red as in other albino animals.

In humans, the chances that a person is born albino is 1 in 20,000, the ratio rises to one in a million in the animal world.  Experts state that it was fortunate to be born in captivity.  In nature, it would have been quickly eaten because of its colour.

Albino Turtle

Albino Turtle born at zoo

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